Guy Accuses UPS Of Trapping Him In His Home With Precarious Package Placement

Image courtesy of @hitstreak

There are delivery drivers who throw packages over gates or chuck from the window into someone’s yard. But there are also apparently drivers who place a package in just the right spot… to trap you in your apartment.

Or at least that’s what one man claimed happened to him over the weekend when a UPS driver left a tall package under the doorknob of his apartment.

The man shared his experience on Twitter Sunday, complete with a photo recreating the incident, showing the tall, thin box wedged under the doorknob, allegedly preventing it from turning.

After realizing he was trapped inside the apartment, the man contacted his building’s maintenance team, which came to the rescue.

While the issue was obviously a bit inconvenient for the resident, he’s just happy there wasn’t an emergency while he was trapped five floors up.

UPS did reply to the man’s Tweet, apologizing for the placement and asking for further information.

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