GameStop Will Open On Thanksgiving This Year Because… Employees Want To?

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart and Laura Nawrocik

For the last few years, GameStop, likely owner of your local AT&T store, has decided not to take part in the Thanksgiving Day retail frenzy in much of the rest of the mall. This year, though, there’s a new Nintendo console to sell, and employees asked the chain to open up on the holiday. Wait, what?

No, really, that’s what the company said. Kotaku learned about the policy shift from employees who took part in the conference call where this was announced, and the company confirmed that it’s shifting back to staying open “for a shortened and limited time” on the holiday. Because customers and employees asked for it.

“Many of our store associates and guests have asked for this,” the comany said in a statement. “We have heard their requests and are making an adjustment to our previous position on this topic.”

Remember that GameStop began its store closing policy in 2014, saying at the time that it would stay closed until the wee hours of Black Friday “out of respect for our store associates and their families and friends.”

Do you work for GameStop? Are you the person who asked to work on Thanksgiving Day? Some people do like working on the holiday, and we respect that. If there’s anything you want Consumerist to know, though, our mailbox is open.

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