Macy’s Stores Will Open At 6 P.M. On Thanksgiving Day

If you were worried that you might have to spend all of Thanksgiving Day at home and not inside a Macy’s store, there’s no need to worry. The department store chain will open on Brown Thursday at 6 P.M., allowing employees some of the holiday with their families if they choose to or are asked to work.

The first year that Macy’s stores that aren’t the end point of a parade route opened on Thanksgiving Day was 2013, and the stores opened their doors at 8 P.M. and stayed open for 24 hours straight. In 2014, they moved the opening back two hours. This year, at least they aren’t moving the opening time back to 4 P.M., so that’s something.

Other mall neighbors are drifting away from opening on the holiday. “Really what it comes down to it is you have your stores open and staffed and there’s no [customers] there,” the president of GameStop told the Wall Street Journal. GameStop is one of many chains planning to close stores on the holiday and make some deals available online for the most dedicated bargain-hunters.

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