Coke Zero Gets New Recipe, Changes Name To ‘Coke Zero Sugar’

Coca-Cola Zero — the drink of choice for people who want the low-calories of Diet Coke and something that tastes vaguely like Coke, but not quite — is getting an overhaul, with Coca-Cola announcing that the diet soda is being reformulated and re-introduced with the new branding of Coke Zero Sugar.

The beverage giant isn’t saying exactly what it did to tweak the recipe, but claims that Coke Zero Sugar will taste even more like Coca-Cola but will still have no sugar or calories. The new product will start hitting U.S. stores in August, so if you want to hoard the existing formula of the drink, you might want to do so now.

Coca-Cola introduced the Zero line of products as an alternative to existing diet drinks that made significant sacrifices to taste in order to reach the no-calorie goal. The Zero drinks were seen by some fans as a huge improvement, allowing soda fans to get something closer to (but not quite) Coke without the calories.

The decision to rebrand the product as Coke Zero Sugar appears to be a response to decreasing consumer demand for sugary beverages, making it clear in the name of the drink that it contains no sugar.

Not surprisingly, fans of Coke Zero are… not thrilled.

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