Coca-Cola Makes Splash At Final Four With “Drinkable” Coke Zero Billboard

The whole point of food advertising is to make you crave the product and buy as much of it as you can right then and there. But for this weekend’s Final Four of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, Coca-Cola is showing off a billboard that actually satisfies that craving by dispensing the beverage on the spot.

The “drinkable” billboard is in Indianapolis’ White River State Park, where Coke Zero is sponsoring a concert tomorrow, and only a few blocks away from Lucas Oil Stadium, where the actual basketball will be played this weekend.

The 26′ x 36′ display uses 4,500 feet of tubing to pump samples of Coke Zero to waiting, presumably thirsty people below.

In the face of changing consumer attitudes and increased scrutiny from lawmakers and public health advocates, beverage companies are increasingly touting low-calorie, low-sugar drinks like Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

In a statement, the company says they want to push Coke Zero because “many people think they know the taste of Coke Zero, but they actually don’t… Drinkable advertising is an innovative approach to removing barriers and making it ridiculously easy for those who are open to try Coke Zero to enjoy it in fun and unique ways.”

[via Creativity Online]

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