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Kerry Lannert

Millions Of Charter Customers Could Start 2017 Without NBC Channels

Were you hoping to catch the big game on Sunday night between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions on NBC, a game that has major playoff implications? Or perhaps you wanted to settle down and tune in while some Real Housewives stars throw wine at each other on Bravo? If you’re one of 16 million or so Charter Spectrum customers, your plans might be foiled by a contract dispute between the cable company and NBCUniversal. [More]

Phillip Pessar

Smartphones And Motel Chains Are Killing The ‘No Vacancy’ Sign

There used to be a quick way to tell from the outside of a model whether there were rooms available for the evening as you drove down a highway: either the “NO” on the establishment’s “NO VACANCY” sign was illuminated, or it wasn’t. Plenty of these signs exist and are still in use, but they’re fading (sometimes literally) as travelers would prefer to use a smartphone app to book rooms instead of zooming down the highway looking for signs. [More]

(Sylvia Syracuse (gothamiste) iPhone and Canon DSLR)

Some ESPN Customers Missed First Hour Of Streaming Rose Bowl Coverage Because Of Server Problems

If you were one of the people left wondering what was going on during the first hour of the Rose Bowl while the WatchESPN app wasn’t working, you weren’t alone. ESPN is now blaming what it calls a “technical issue” with its servers for the streaming outage, which lasted at least an hour for some folks and persisted longer than that into the college playoff game for others. [More]