Owner Of Terrifying Clown Motel Getting Out Of The Terrifying Clown Motel Business

Unless your subconscious has buried this memory among other real life nightmares, you may recall the story about the creepy Clown Motel in Nevada filled to the brim with leering, smiling painted faces — and located next to a cemetery filled with gold miners who died from the plague who are bound to be grumpy ghosts (when they aren’t hiding from the clowns). Anyway, good news! It’s up for sale. [More]


Since Shoppers Aren’t Going To Stores, JCPenney Wants To Sell Linens To Hotels

Looking around its stores for something else to sell that isn’t clothing, JCPenney is entering a new business. After noticing large online orders for home goods placed by what turned out to be hotels, the company has decided to launch an actual sales team that will visit and sell to hotels. [More]

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Hotel Industry Claims That Airbnb Market Dominated By “Illegal Hotels”

Home-sharing platforms like Airbnb describe their services as a way for homeowners with extra rooms — or second houses they rarely use — to connect with people looking for a place to stay. Hotel owners counter that Airbnb just lets people run de facto hotels without all of the regulations and taxes. In a new report, the industry lays out its case against these allegedly illegal hotels.

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State Claims Hilton Paid Woman Less Than Male Coworkers, Including Her Son

New Jersey’s top prosecutor has accused Hilton of unlawful discrimination for paying a female Homewood Suites employee less than her male equivalents, including her son. [More]


Historic Inn Offering Amnesty For Guests Who Pilfered Items In The Past

If you’re the kind of person who may, ahem, “accidentally” walk off with more than a few free bottles of lotion when you check out of a hotel, this message could be for you: a historic inn in Massachusetts is asking that guests (or their descendants) return any property they may have taken in the past, no questions asked. [More]

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There Will Soon Be Only One Howard Johnson Restaurant Left In The Country

In a few weeks, one of two remaining Howard Johnson restaurants will close down, which means that there will only be one remaining to serve up fried clam strips and other favorites of customers past. [More]

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Carnival Cruise Line Hiking Automatic Gratuity Charge By Almost $1

If you’re heading out on the high seas with a Carnival cruise starting next fall, expect to see a heftier automatic gratuity charge on your bill than in journeys past. [More]

Would You Ever Want To Hang Out With Your Airbnb Host/Guests?

Would You Ever Want To Hang Out With Your Airbnb Host/Guests?

Usually, in-person interactions between Airbnb hosts and guests are limited to things like handing off keys, or running into each other in the hallway if the host is staying in the home. Because let’s face it, you normally wouldn’t hang out with the concierge at the front desk of a hotel. But for those people looking for a more personal connection, the home-sharing service is looking into the idea of pairing guests with hosts for leisure activities during their stay, like going on tours and playing sports together. [More]


Hyatt Offering 10% Discount To Loyalty Members Who Book Their Stay Directly

Although it might be nice and convenient for travelers to use an online travel site like Expedia or Orbitz to book hotel visits along with flights and rental cars, hotels win when their guests skip those sites and book directly. That’s why Hyatt Hotels is joining some of its hospitality brethren in dangling a discount for those who book directly on its site. [More]

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NYC Hotel Bar: Dress Code Should Not Have Been Enforced Against Navy Officer In Uniform

It’s understandable that some establishments use a dress code to maintain a certain atmosphere, but one New York City hotel is now apologizing after an employee enforced a strict set of clothing rules for the hotel’s popular rooftop bar, reportedly refusing to allow a Navy officer in because she was in uniform. [More]

Innkeeper With Lodge On Federal Land Defying Gov’t Shutdown By Staying Open For Business

Innkeeper With Lodge On Federal Land Defying Gov’t Shutdown By Staying Open For Business

If a tourist needs a postcard in the forest but there’s no one around to sell it to him, it must mean the federal government is shut down. In order to provide meals, a restroom and any gift store trinkets a visitor to the Blue Ridge Parkway area might need, the innkeeper of a lodge on federal land has decided to reopen. [More]

Here’s A Hint For Hotels Losing Guests: Maybe It’s Time Free Internet Access Comes With The Room

Here’s A Hint For Hotels Losing Guests: Maybe It’s Time Free Internet Access Comes With The Room

Cutting corners to save on costs is understandable, but now that the economic downturn isn’t so downturny, hotel operators might want to think about trying to please their guests more. Perhaps throw in some free Internet access? Just a thought, as a new suvery says guest satisfaction is waning. [More]

Hotels Eliminating Hand Lotion, Coffee, Providing Fewer Towels

Hotels Eliminating Hand Lotion, Coffee, Providing Fewer Towels

If you’re a frequent business traveler your life is probably getting less and less plush as the economic disaster continues. Hotels say that they are cutting small amenities such as hand lotion, coffee, extra towels and buffet breakfasts in order to save money.