Netflix Tweets That New Animated Series Is “R-Rated As F—“

When we first saw a Tweet from Netflix that dropped an f-bomb to promote a new program, we assumed that it would disappear from the internet, and we would have a new entry for the Unintended Tweet Hall of Fame, like the time Chrysler’s social media account observed that “no one [in Detroit] knows how to f—ing drive.” Yet the Tweet remains, apparently not the work of a rogue contractor or animation-loving hacker.

Netflix’s account is where the company answers customer questions and posts third-party news articles and announcements about its shows. Since it’s Twitter, the company probably could have simply said, “R-rated af” and readers would have known precisely what it meant.

It turns out that this is a direct quote from one of the show’s executive producers, Adi Shankar, who told IGN back in February that the show would have a level of violence similar to Game of Thrones, and be “R-rated as f—.”

Not that television shows actually have R ratings: Castlevania, which debuted at midnight Pacific time today, is decidedly a TV-MA program, as is Game of Thrones.

We checked in with Netflix to make sure that the Tweet wasn’t the work of a hacker or social media staffer gone rogue, and will update this post when we hear back.

So far, users have replied with appropriate GIFs.

It’s almost as if a controversial tweet is a good marketing tool for an animated series aimed at adults.

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