American Airlines Passenger Tries To Bite Flight Attendant Before Jumping To Tarmac

Image courtesy of Themarcogoon49

An American Airlines passenger has been charged with interfering with flight crew members after he allegedly bit a flight attendant and jumped from the plane to the tarmac at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Thursday. 

WSOC reports that the 22-year-old man was expected in court Friday morning after authorities arrested him shortly following his jump from that plane.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon when American Airlines flight 5242 from Charlotte to New Bern, NC, was holding near a taxiway, preparing for takeoff.

According to a criminal complaint, the man got out of his seat and tried to open the main aircraft door. When a flight attendant and two other passengers attempted to persuade the man to return to his seat, he allegedly attempted to bite the crew member.

The traveler then opened the galley service door and jumped onto the tarmac, WSOC reports, adding that two airport employees intercepted him before he could run onto the taxiway.

The man has been charged with one count of interfering with flight crew members and could face up to 20 years in prison and fines.

CBS News reports that the flight returned to the gate after the incident where it was re-screened. It arrived in New Bern about an hour and a half after it was originally scheduled.

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