Taco Bell Creates ‘Chicken Chips’ — Just A More Triangular Version Of Chicken Nuggets

Image courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell is taking a break from its usual practice of just wrapping one food item around another and calling it a “taco.” Instead, the fast food chain is taking a food item — in this case a chicken nugget — and forming into the shape of another, resulting in a “Chicken Chip.”

CNBC reports that Taco Bell will debut Naked Chicken Chips for a limited time on May 11.

The chicken chips — which look similar to the Doritos Loaded snacks first sold at 7-Eleven — are essentially wedge-shaped pieces of breaded chicken served with nacho cheese dipping sauce. So they are neither naked, nor chips.

The dunkable chicken pieces aren’t exactly new for Taco Bell; the fast food chain tested the meal on a limited basis last summer.

Naked Chicken Chips are just Taco Bell’s latest foray into the fried chicken world. In March, the company ended its limited-time offering of the fired-chicken shelled Naked Chicken Chalupa.

“The world wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Naked Chicken, and neither were we,” Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing officer at Taco Bell, tells CNBC.