Here Is A Squirrel Eating A Hard Taco Shell In A Tree

Image courtesy of @MariaBianchi

You’ve heard of Pizza Rat, right? The rat that dragged an entire slice of pizza up some subway stairs? Yeah, that’s so 2015. The new hotness in rodent snacking is Taco Squirrel, a hungry little thing who went literally above and beyond for a snack.

It’s Friday, which means we feel totally justified sharing a photo of a squirrel so dedicated to snacking that it dragged an intact hard taco shell up into a tree — ostensibly so he could chow down without being hassled by annoying humans and fellow scavengers. The photo was posted on Twitter this week, winning hearts pretty much instantly. Because come on, it’s a squirrel eating a taco shell in a tree:

But because not every hungry rodent gets to go viral, other Twitter users challenged Taco Squirrel’s new reign with a few candidates of their own:

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