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Here Is A Squirrel Eating A Hard Taco Shell In A Tree

You’ve heard of Pizza Rat, right? The rat that dragged an entire slice of pizza up some subway stairs? Yeah, that’s so 2015. The new hotness in rodent snacking is Taco Squirrel, a hungry little thing who went literally above and beyond for a snack. [More]

(Toolbox-Bodensee e.V.)on YouTube)

The “Floppy Organ” Is An Instrument Made Out Of 49 Floppy Disk Drives

Just because technology is obsolete in one way doesn’t mean it can’t still be put to use in another. Proving that point is a group of German designers who have resurrected floppy disks from the box of irrelevant computer technology, using 49 of them to create sweet digital music on an instrument called the “Floppy Orgel.” Which yes, translates to “Floppy Organ” in English. [More]