Stranger Buys McDonald’s Worker A New Bike So He Won’t Have To Walk 20 Miles To Work

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A McDonald’s worker who had to walk 20 miles to and from work every day now has a new bike, after a customer learned he had no other means of transportation.

His bike had broken down, reports, but not showing up for work was not an option.

“This was the first store that would hire me, so I figured I had to put in the effort,” he told the station. “I was raised if you get a job, you’ve made a commitment, you’ve got to honor it, so if it just means me having to get up early or travel a long way, it’s what I’ve got to do.”

A customer who heard about his dedication to the job says she knew she had to help him somehow, so she posted his story on social media. Minutes later, a friend of hers noticed the post and was so inspired, she bought the worker a brand new bike.

“This is somebody that’s chosen to continue to move forward, when it would have been real easy for him to give up, and not many people do that,” the woman told the news station.

The worker says he was “completely surprised,” and that he loves his new bike.

“I never expected this in a million years,” he said.

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