Brooklyn Garage Offering Parking Spot For Bargain Price Of $300K

Image courtesy of Google Maps

In a city where people live in teeny tiny apartments that cost thousands of dollars a month, it’s no surprise that parking in New York City can get also get expensive. But one Brooklyn garage is upping the ante on pricey perks, offering a prime parking spot for just $300,000.

A spot at the garage on a busy street in Park Slope — directly across from the Park Slope Food Coop — is on the market right now for $300,000, reports NBC New York. The last parking spot sold at this garage went for $280,000.

The spot’s new owner will also have to pay monthly maintenance fees of about $240, plus $51 every month for taxes, DNAinfo points out.

Although Park Slope is one of Brooklyn’s priciest neighborhoods, filled with million-dollar homes, there are still people who are shocked at the cost of parking. Especially people who don’t own cars.

“Yikes. I guess that’s why I don’t own a car, because it’s hard to park around here,” one local told NBC New York.

Others aren’t so surprised, including a resident who says she paid $100,000 for her spot a few years ago. She says there was “no other parking available.”

Some advocates say the city should step up to address the underlying parking problem creating these expensive spots.

“They are really becoming an investment opportunities, and it’s a shame because it robs people who live in Park Slope of a place to keep their car,” Julia Kite of the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives told NBC. “And we think it might be time for the city to institute some kind of residential parking system.”

While $300,000 is certainly insanely expensive for a parking spot, it’s nowhere near the ludicrous prices some folks have paid elsewhere for parking. Like the people who purchased a spot in Manhattan for $1 million back in 2014.

Sky-high parking prices aren’t just a New York concern. In 2013, a Boston woman paid $560,000 for a pair of spots to park her cars.

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