Parking Is So Bad In Boston, Woman Is Willing To Pay $560,000 For Two Spots

Although I may not have my very own set of wheels to tool around town in, I know that finding a parking spot is a golden moment, a second of bliss often accompanied by tiny parking fairies raining down happy dust. But apparently the parking situation is so bad in Boston, one woman was willing to plunk down $560,000 for two parking spots.

Parking spots! Not a quaint cottage set in the rolling hills of the country side, or a timeshare in the Swiss chalet. No, just two parking spots.

But do they come with a personal car washer, a bucket of bubbly and caviar on demand? Uh-uh, just a “crumbling strip of asphalt barely big enough to fit two cars one behind the other — lined by weeds, hard against a brick wall, hemmed in by a utility pole,” reports the Boston Globe.

The Internal Revenue Service held an auction yesterday — the previous owner of the spots had them seized after owing almost $600,000 in back taxes — in the drizzling rain for this tandem of parking spaces in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, notorious for being parking unfriendly.

Bidding began at $42,000 and hopped up to six figures within seconds. Cut to 15 minutes later when the lucky (?) winner agreed to the whopping sum, which is almost twice the median sales price of a single-family home in the state.

“I really wanted them, but there was a limit,” said the man who lost out to the woman who won.

“It was a little more heated than I thought it would have been,” she admitted of their final bidding throwdown.

Parking spot bidding — the new ultimate sport. At least among those who can afford to fork over a half a million dollars on a piece of ground the size of a car.

Back Bay parking spaces sell for $560,000 [Boston Globe]

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