McDonald’s Expanding Test Of Fresh Beef Patties

Image courtesy of Morton Fox

In yet another attempt to better align its menu with customer tastes, McDonald’s is expanding its year-old test of fresh ground beef — to Oklahoma. 

Business Insider reports that the Golden Arches is ditching frozen patties in favor of fresh beef patties at 75 restaurants in Northeast Oklahoma.

The patties — used in the fast food giant’s Quarter Pounder burgers and the Bacon Clubhouse Burger — are made from the same grade of beef as the frozen stuff, and are being cooked to order.

“These burgers are hotter and juicier than our previous quarter pound patties, and are made with fresh 100% North American beef that’s simply seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper,” McDonald’s Chef Chad Schafer said in a statement.

McDonald’s began testing the fresh beef patties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area back in November 2015. Since then the company says it has received positive feedback from customers and franchisees.

Despite the expanded test and apparent acceptance of the fresh patties, taking the option nationwide could prove to be difficult, Business Insider reports.

While the concept of serving fresh meat might appeal to customers, it could open the company up to a slew of food safety issues, as franchisees pointed out in a recent survey. The franchises also noted that it could be arduous to serve customers quickly with fresh meat — which would need to cook longer to an appropriate temperature.

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