Reminder: Friday Is The Last Day To Redeem Your RadioShack Gift Cards

Image courtesy of Matthew Hunt

The bankruptcy of RadioShack at the beginning of 2015 probably seems like a distant event to you now, but the business entity that used to be the massive electronics chain is still wrapping up its affairs. One of those last pieces of business is the end of gift card redemptions. The Shack’s estate will stop accepting requests on Friday, Dec. 2, 2016.

“No one could possibly still have a RadioShack gift card lying around,” you might be saying right now. That’s not true: between Sept. 24 and Nov. 21 of this year, almost one year after RadioShack and state attorneys general negotiated a deal that put RadioShack cardholders first, 269 people apparently found RadioShack cards in their junk drawers and turned them in.


A total of $131,491.39 in priority claims, which were gift cards purchased from RadioShack stores or third-party retailers, have been returned to consumers under this program. That doesn’t count cards redeemed just after the bankruptcy. The rest of outstanding cards were promotional gift cards or cards with store credit for returned items, which were not considered “priority” cards but were still paid out.


Normally, consumers have until 30 days after a retailer files for bankruptcy to redeem any gift cards they still have around. The size and age of RadioShack as a retailer prompted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to take the lead in making a different arrangement instead of shoving regular consumers at the end of the unsecured creditors line when RadioShack had millions of dollars’ worth of gift cards outstanding when it went bankrupt.

Gather up any cards that you still have by Friday, and redeem them at the self-explanatory URL

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