Lawsuit Claims Leaky Glade Air Fresheners Can Burn Through Car Dashboards

Another week, another lawsuit over allegedly defective fragrance products doing damage to vehicles: some consumers who bought Glade air fresheners for their cars say the items ended up leaking all over the place, and in some cases, burning holes through car dashboards.

A new federal class action accuses S.C. Johnson & Son and Kraco Enterprises, the makers of Glade Auto Scented Oil Automotive Air Freshener of knowing that the products could do serious damage and yet, sold them anyway, Courthouse News reports.

The plaintiff says he purchased an air freshener in September and clipped it to his dashboard air vent, as the directions indicated: the device is supposed to work with your car’s vents to disperse a pleasant scent around the vehicle. Oil and “other substances” started leaking out, the customer alleges, burning a hole in the dash under the vent.

The complaint claims the makers have been aware of the issue for some time but kept it from the public, and refused to reimburse customers for damages.

The product is no longer on Glade’s website, but is still for sale online elsewhere, Courthouse News notes. One Amazon review of a refill for the product gave it a one-star rating, saying that oil leaked from it and damaged her daughter’s car.

“I quickly realized that what had happened was that the oil in the plug-in had somehow gotten all over the controls and left this very hard build up that actually ate through the shiny finish,” the review reads. “She’d moved it to the other vent and when I pulled it off, there was a hard build up that’s absolutely impenetrable underneath exactly where the glass bottle was resting.”

The lawsuit is seeking class certification, restitution, and punitive damages for consumer law violations, unfair competition, false advertising, unfair trade, common law fraud, breach of warranty, breach of faith, and negligent misrepresentation.

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