Lawsuit Claims Leaky Glade Air Fresheners Can Burn Through Car Dashboards

Lawsuit Claims Leaky Glade Air Fresheners Can Burn Through Car Dashboards

Another week, another lawsuit over allegedly defective fragrance products doing damage to vehicles: some consumers who bought Glade air fresheners for their cars say the items ended up leaking all over the place, and in some cases, burning holes through car dashboards. [More]


Walmart Employees Defy Own Coupon Policy, Basic Logic

Walmart has a coupon policy, but doesn’t do a very good job of educating its employees about it. That, or the employees don’t do a very good job of remembering how it’s supposed to work. Shelly has been at war with her local Walmart since January over four air fresheners and a relatively small amount of money, but it’s the principle. [More]

What Common Household Products Are Potentially Killing Us Today?: We bring you some panic over dryer sheets, fabric softeners, detergents, and solid, spray and plug-in air fresheners. “When UW engineering professor Anne Steinemann analyzed of some of these popular items, she found 100 different volatile organic compounds measuring 300 parts per billion or more — some of which can be cancerous or cause harm to respiratory, reproductive, neurological and other organ systems.” Rats. [Seattle P-I]