Apple Cuts Dongle Prices After Users Complain About New MacBook’s Port Shortage

Apple wants to bring its MacBook Pro users into the future, and has done so by eliminating every port on the latest version of the computer except for two USB-C ports. The problem? Most of the peripherals on the market aren’t USB-C, so that means users will have to travel with a fistful of hubs and dongles. Responding to their complaints, Apple has lowered the price of the dongles that customers will need to plug in all of their other stuff.

As users of some smaller Chromebooks and last year’s non-pro MacBooks can tell you, having only one USB-C port to work with is inconvenient, since it’s used both for charging and for plugging things in to the computer.

The new MacBook Pro at leasts adds a second port, but that still leaves customers shopping for dongles to plug in things like displays, external hard drives, and even iPhones. Nope, even iPhones don’t come with USB-C cables, and users may mistrust third-party vendors after problems in the market for this type of cable earlier this year.

Apparently listening to criticism, Apple has cut prices on some of the adapters that MacBook users will need: CNN reports (warning: auto-play video at that link) that a simple standard USB to USB-C adapter will be sold at less than half price (marked down to $9 from $19) for the rest of the year, and a dongle that converts from USB-C to the previous Thunderbolt standard for external displays went from $49 to $29.

Apple cuts prices on dongles after complaints [CNN]

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