Apple Retail Chief: The Days Of Waiting In Line At The Store Are Over

Camping out in line days in advance of the newest Apple product is so 2014, y’all, to the point where the company’s retail chief is reportedly pushing workers to nudge customers seeking out the Apple Watch or new MacBook to order online instead of waiting it out at physical stores.

In a memo Business Insider says it obtained from Apple’s retail chief, Angela Ahrendts says the days of waiting outside stores only to have customers disappointed when their product is sold out are behind the company, and it’s time to take the experience online.

According to BI, the memo reads in full:

Get in line online

The days of waiting in line and crossing fingers for a product are over for our customers. The Apple Store app and our online store make it much easier to purchase Apple Watch and the new MacBook. Customers will know exactly when and where their product arrives.

This is a significant change in mindset, and we need your help to make it happen. Tell your customers we have more availability online, and show them how easy it is to order. You’ll make their day.

Though in the past it seemed like Apple embraced the long lines as free publicity, not having enough products for customers isn’t fun for retailers, either.

Customers won’t be able to just walk in and touch the Apple Watch without an appointment anyway, according to BI’s source, so some planning will be necessary regardless how they buy.

Another image leaked to BI shows the Apple Watch display with devices kept beneath glass, without any dongles or security chains like in-store iPhone examples or iPads, which means no casual browsing.

Angela Ahrendts has told Apple employees ‘a significant change in mindset’ is coming to the way the company launches products [Business Insider]

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