Amazon Bans The Sale Of Substandard USB-C Cables

Image courtesy of Akira Ohgaki

Faulty USB-C cables – usually those purchased from a third-party as a replacement for the cords that typically come with your electronic devices – have been known to cause issues for consumers, from frying their gadgets to starting small fires and even being attributed to one death. Amazon, in an attempt to ensure you’re not on the receiving end of one of those unreliable chargers, has banned the sale of certain “rogue” USB type-C cables. 

The e-commerce company recently updated its lists of items prohibited for sale on the site to include non-compliant USB-C cables.

The new policy specifically addresses “any USB-C (or USB Type-C) cable or adapter product that is not compliant with standard specifications issued by “USB Implementers Forum Inc.”

Amazon’s policy change was first spotted by Google engineer Benson Leung, who reported the update on Google+. Leung previously worked to raise awareness of substandard USB-C cables after testing several before one destroyed his computer.

While Amazon’s new policy is clear that the sale of substandard USB-C cables is prohibited, it’s still possible that some of those cords will end up in shoppers’ virtual carts.

Leung suggests customers continue to be vigilant about the cords they plan to purchase and to “call out any bad products” found on Amazon and other retailers.

[via TechCrunch]

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