Google Also Drops Price On 4K Video To Compete With Amazon & Apple

The late-but-welcome entry of Apple into 4K video rentals is finally shaking things up in the market for this ultra-HD content. Just days after Amazon slashed its 4K prices to compete with Apple, Google is following suit.

Engadget reports that Google dropped the cost of its new 4K HDR titles to just $20, a price in line with Apple and Amazon’s offerings.

“We always look to offer customers competitive pricing on Google Play and have been working closely with our studio partners to do so,” a rep for Google said.

The price cuts on 4K aren’t just about Apple entering the competition. Both Amazon and Apple are also pushing new streaming hardware with 4K capabilities.

Amazon had included limited 4K video on its Fire TV box since last year, but this week the company redesigned the smaller 4K Fire TV so that it functions more like a dongle.

Apple announced the new device earlier this month, noting it would support both 4K and HDR color, in case you have a TV that can actually display those things already.

Meanwhile, Google has offered 4K streaming on its Chromecast Ultra dongle for nearly a year.

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