Woman Claims Young Daughter Received Wendy’s Fries Dusted In Marijuana

Image courtesy of My Dayton Daily News

Salt. That’s what most customers expect to find sprinkled on their fast food french fries. Yet, an Ohio woman says she recently received an order of fries from Wendy’s covered in something else: marijuana.

A recent trip to Wendy’s ended at the local police station, My Dayton Daily News reports, where the woman filed a complaint against the fast food restaurant, claiming workers put marijuana on the fries.

According to the woman, she stopped by the Wendy’s restaurant Tuesday evening to grab her four-year-old daughter something to eat.

The little girl, though, quickly complained that her french fries “tasted funny and were yucky.” At that point the woman looked at the meal, seeing small green flecks covering the side dish.

The woman says she called the manager of the restaurant, but was told no one there had marijuana. She then decided to head to the local police department to file a report. Officers tell the Dayton Daily News that they opened the bag and smelled a “strong odor of marijuana” and saw “green leafy vegetation” on the fries.

Police officials say they went to the Wendy’s and spoke with employees but did not find any marijuana on the premise. Additionally, they were unable to view any footage from the time the fries were made, as a manager said there are no cameras in the area.

A spokesperson for Wendy’s tells Consumerist that the company is aware of the situation.

“A customer came through the pick-up window at one of our restaurants, and later informed us that she found a foreign object in her order,” the spokesperson said. “We have taken this situation very seriously, and have been in touch with the customer. Our customers and the integrity of our food are of the utmost importance to us.”

This of course isn’t the first time customers have allegedly found marijuana in their fast food orders. In May 2014, a McDonald’s diner says he received a hamburger topped with marijuana. Before that, in 2009, another customer of the Golden Arches reported he was handed two bags of food and one bag with a loaded handgun and weed. Two years before that, a man claimed that his child found one McDonald’s worker’s stash of pot in a happy meal box.

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