McDonald's Combo Meal Includes Gun And Bags Of Pot

A South Carolina teenager got more than he expected from a McDonald’s in Charleston, according to WIS 10 news in Columbia. And, no, we’re not talking supersize fries. After placing his order and paying, he drove up to the pickup window, where the attendant asked him, “who gets the bags?” The customer said it didn’t matter, so the Mcster handed him three bags — two containing food for the driver and his passenger, and one with some extras: a loaded handgun and bags of weed.

Police say he got an extra bag with a loaded .45-caliber or nine-millimeter handgun and what appeared to be bags of marijuana. “It was the gun and the marijuana that was inside of a brown bag sitting inside of a McDonald’s bag,” said Kathy Rivera, whose son found the gun in his bag. “They noticed they had three bags. There were only two people in the car, so when he opened it he noticed it.”

The driver then took the stash home with him and hid it under his, er, sorry. Wrong movie. Turns out the gun and pot were actually intended for the the next car in line at the drive through, and that car followed the first car to a nearby gas station. There, a passenger in the second car told the teen to hand over the bag. He did, avoiding a melee of carnage that would have challenged anything Hollywood could possibly imagine.

In the end, the group in the second car was never caught, the teen and his pal got to keep their Royales, and we assume the kid at the window was reprimanded by the manager for mixing up orders.

Either that or he snapped and decided this was the way he’d deal with his next customer. (NSFW)

Teen gets loaded gun, bags of pot with McDonald’s meal

(Photo: gen gibson)

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