Amazon Dash Shopping Wand Now Lets Users Order Any Prime Item They Want

While Amazon has been busy expanding its selection of Dash buttons, which allow shoppers to reorder a designated product with one click, it’s also updating its two-year-old Dash shopping wand: users can now use it to order anything they want, instead of just groceries from AmazonFresh.

Well, any of the millions of items available from Amazon — you can’t ask the wand to send you a cheese-curd pizza, six giraffes, and a cat wearing a bow tie and expect those things to show up. To order, shoppers either scan the product’s barcode with the wand, or speak into the device to add it to their Amazon shopping cart.

Once you’ve done that you’ll still have to go online to complete the order — the wand is mostly meant as a convenient tool to have on hand when you suddenly think of something you need.

The update also means users don’t have to be Prime Fresh members to buy a wand, but you’ll still have to be a Prime member. The Dash costs $50 for regular Prime users, or $20 for Prime Fresh folks, with a $20 credit included.

An Amazon spokeswoman confirmed to Consumerist that existing Amazon Dash devices include the entire Amazon catalogue — no update is necessary.

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