Is Amazon Adding House Cleaning To Prime Membership Perks?

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For all of the perks that customers of Amazon’s Prime service receive — free two-day shipping on thousands of items, access to on-demand TV and movies, photo storage, music-streaming library, and free audio books — none include physical services. But a new report claims that Amazon may change that with the launch of a Prime-related cleaning service.

The Seattle Times reports that this house-cleaning feature could be coming to the $99/year (or $10/month) service in the future as the e-commerce giant has posted a job listing for “home assistants” on its website.

But how exactly does a potential home cleaning service fit in with Amazon’s other Prime services? According to the job listing the assistants would be asked to assist customers in “tidying up around the home, laundry, and helping put groceries and essentials like toilet paper and paper towels away.”

It’s that last part that caught our attention. It suggests that if a Prime customer orders paper towels or other household products from, oh say, Amazon, then the assistant would come by when they’re delivered and put them away.

Additionally, the ad notes that assistants would “advise customers on regular cleaning service visits and grocery replenishment offerings,” which suggests that the employees could also sell customers on products they might need — perhaps through Amazon’s Dash buttons or wands.

The Seattle Times reports that the service — which would come in the form of a team including a professional cleaner and a helper — aims to provide “timesaving assistance to Amazon Prime members,” so they can run an “errand-free” home.

“If you love making a house feel like a home then this is the role for you,” the ad states, noting that assistants would “become awesome at” washing and folding laundry, restocking essentials and groceries.

Amazon already offers customers the ability to connect with cleaning services and others through its home-services marketplace that launched last year.

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