Amazon Adds Virtual Dash Buttons To Website, App For One-Click Ordering

If you’re the kind of person who already has enough clutter around without adding a bunch of plastic shopping dongles, Amazon thinks it has the solution for you: it’s adding virtual Dash Buttons to both its website and app so Prime shoppers can reorder common products with one click.

The buttons have been popping up on the site and app since last night, Re/code notes, so you may notice a fresh set tailored to your ordering history the next time you log in. For example, if you’ve ordered a lot of coffee, cat food, and toilet paper once a month for the last several months, well, expect buttons for items like those.

Like their physical counterparts, Dash Buttons are only for Prime members, and are available for tens of millions of products, Amazon says.

But unlike the plastic dongles, which cost $4.99 each, the digital version are free, and you can add or delete Buttons from your account at will. All Dash Buttons can be reached via the “Accounts & Lists” menu on the Amazon website, or by using the navigational menu on the Amazon mobile app.

If you accidentally click the “Buy” button, you’ll have a 30-minute window to cancel that inadvertent order.

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