Amazon’s Dash Device: Speak Or Scan Grocery, Household Items Onto A Grocery List

Baby seems skeptical of this lint brush thing.

Baby seems skeptical of this lint brush thing.

In case your closet full of gadgets and gizmos isn’t quite stocked to the overflowing brim just yet, here’s another Internet connected doodad: Amazon has launched a device called the Amazon Dash that’s basically a stick you can talk into or use to scan groceries and household items to add them to your grocery list.

Of course, that list is for the company’s grocery service, AmazonFresh. Which means the black-and-white wand, which reminds me of a cross between a Ninetendo Wii controller and a pregnancy test, is only available in areas currently on AmazonFresh’s roster — Southern California, San Francisco or Seattle. Amazon has about 20 urban areas in mind for expanding the service this year, notes Reuters.

It’s equipped with a microphone and speaker so you can verbally add items to your shopping list, or if you notice you’re running low on organic freeze-dried Mediterranean kale or whatever, you just scan the barcode on the item.

Right now the product is free as it’s in a trial period, but it’s unclear what it will cost in the future, if anything. Which it probably will because things cost money, you see. Curious minds can sign up to request a Dash to try it out.

No word on what the stick will do if you demand to add the secret of life, the perfect lifemate or “That thing I ate that one time that was sooo good,” to the list, however, so if you end up asking it, please let me know.

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