Thieves Steal $11K Worth Of Jeans Over Two Days From JCPenney

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Is there a thriving black market for Levi’s jeans? If there is, then a group of thieves from Georgia have quite a haul to add to it after pilfering $11,000 worth of the pants from JCPenney. 

A half dozen thieves allegedly stole 150 pairs of Levi’s over the course of two days from the department store in Macon, GA, last week, WFAA-8 reports.

The local Sheriff’s Office says that deputies responded to a call related to theft at the store on Sept. 16. It was then that loss prevention officers said the store had been hit by thieves for several days beginning earlier in the week.

While the thieves were not the same in each instance, they were stealing the same items: Levi’s jeans.

The stealing spree began shortly after noon on Sept. 14, when loss prevention officers say a man and a woman came into the store and went to a Levi’s display. They duo allegedly grabbed as many pants as they could hold — 70 in all — and ran from the scene.

About seven hours later, another man and woman came into the store and were seen near the display. This time, the man grabbed an armful of jeans, approximately 40 pairs, and headed for the door.

The following day, Sept. 15, loss prevention officials told the sheriff’s deputy that a man with a duffel bag went into the store and went to the Levi’s section. When an employee reportedly spotted the man filling the bag with jeans, he ran from the store and jumped into the bed of a pickup truck, which drove off. In all, that theft resulted in the loss of 40 pairs of jeans.

On Sept. 16, the same man allegedly returned to the store and went to the Levi’s rack. When a loss prevention officer approached, the man reportedly became nervous and left his duffel bag before fleeing on a bike. Eight pairs of jeans were recovered in the abandoned duffel bag.

In all, the thefts – which also included a set of pots and pans set and a block of knives pilfered earlier in the week — totaled about $11,300. Authorities say they are reviewing footage of the thefts, and looking for suspects.

More than $11K worth of Levi’s jeans stolen from JCPenney at Georgia mall [WFAA-8]

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