Levi’s Slammed For Referencing AIDS Memorial Quilt To Sell Jeans

While it’s always refreshing to see big companies trying to do their part to give back to their customers and support important social issues, sometimes these efforts hit the wrong note. To wit: Levi’s is facing backlash on social media over a Tweet promoting its upcoming Pride collection. [More]

Google & Levi’s Will Sell A $350 “Smart” Jean Jacket

Google & Levi’s Will Sell A $350 “Smart” Jean Jacket

There are devices you wear on your wrist or maybe strapped around your arm, but Levi’s and Google have gone a step further in the realm of so-called “wearables” with a jacket that wirelessly connects with the user’s smart phone. [More]

Mike Mozart

Thieves Steal $11K Worth Of Jeans Over Two Days From JCPenney

Is there a thriving black market for Levi’s jeans? If there is, then a group of thieves from Georgia have quite a haul to add to it after pilfering $11,000 worth of the pants from JCPenney.  [More]

Is this real life?

Levi’s Turns A Schoolyard Threat Into A Style With “Wedgie Fit” Jeans

Has anyone seen Ashton Kutcher lurking around? Because we’re pretty sure we’re getting Punk’d by Levi’s and a new style of jeans it’s pushing for the spring, the “Wedgie” fit. [More]

The new football stadium for the 49ers will have the Levi's name on it.

New 49ers Stadium To Carry The Levi’s Name

After several pleasant seasons of not having to remember which company had paid to slap their name on Candlestick Park, fans of the San Francisco 49ers will have to get used to the Levi’s name, as the clothing company has ponied up the cash for the naming rights to the Niners’ under-construction stadium. [More]

Levi's Provides Fantastic Service Once You Email Their PR Department

Levi's Provides Fantastic Service Once You Email Their PR Department

Last week, we shared Francis’s story of a package mixup at Levi’s. The company sent him the wrong box, and customer service reps seemed more worried about getting the incorrect package back than about making sure that his order was correct. Francis wrote to us, but shortly afterward he sent the same message to every Levi’s PR contact he could find–and heard back within the hour from a wonderfully helpful employee in the Corporate Affairs department. Yay! We love happy endings. [More]

Levi's Not Terribly Concerned That They Sent You The Wrong Order

Levi's Not Terribly Concerned That They Sent You The Wrong Order

Francis tells Consumerist that his online order from Levi’s went slightly wrong. They sent him the wrong order. Simple enough: especially when the item was intended as a holiday gift, most retailers would immediately put a replacement order in the mail. Not Levi’s. Francis says that they were much more concerned with getting the other customer’s order back than with making sure that he received his original order in a timely fashion. Update: Francis’s situation was fixed even before we posted his story on the site. Hooray! [More]

Guy Catches Laptop With His Butt. Yawn.

Guy Catches Laptop With His Butt. Yawn.

Somehow we missed this gem two months ago, but here’s a viral video sensation involving a trio of athletes who can catch slim laptops in their butts.

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