Some Retailers Say They Don’t Have Enough New Apple Watches To Fulfill Pre-Orders

Yesterday, Apple warned that people who didn’t preorder the iPhone 7 Plus would probably not be able to find them at Apple stores when they went on sale this morning. Now comes news some retailers are unable to fill preorders for today’s other Apple debut: the Series 2 Apple Watch.

AppleInsider reports that retailers like Target and Best Buy began emailing some customers on Thursday, hours before the product’s launch, with the bad news that their deliveries would be delayed.

Best Buy informed customers that shipping of preorders for the Apple Watch 2 would begin Sept. 28, while orders of the Apple Watch Series 1 would ship sometime in mid-October.

Target, on the other hand, did not provide a date for potential shipment. Both retailers say they are offering customers a $50 in-store credit for the delays.

When reached by AppleInsider, only two of seven Target stores said they had received any floor stock of the Apple Watch Series 2. Still, that inventory only added up to three watches total.

Of eight Best Buy stores reached, only one had stock of the watch, with one device on hand.

Each of the stores noted that they had “a few” iPhone 7 models in stock. But those devices were only available in rose gold.

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