Salon Offering Free Shampoos To Residents In Drought-Stricken Town

Image courtesy of katie.ramirez

The community is pulling together in a drought-stricken town where many residents have wells that are drying up: a salon is offering free shampoos, and the local fire department has a new open-spigot policy for anyone in need.

A severe drought in parts of New Hampshire has hit residents of Kingston hard, reports, with some locals reporting that their wells have been dry for weeks.

“It’s hard showering, cleaning, doing laundry, all the stuff you take for granted when you turn the faucet on,” one resident told the station.

Creature comforts are important in tough times, however, so a local salon letting anyone with a dry well to come in and get their hair washed.

“It’s just something to make everybody feel better,” said the owner of Elation Salon. “We’ll stop for a minute and give you a nice shampoo. It’s really tough when you have no water.”

The fire department is also allowing anyone who needs water to use their spigots.

“We set up the ability for people to come here and get water at the fire station,” said a Kingston selectman, who said the board heard at a meeting this week about folks with dry wells. “It’s a public service, so we hope people take advantage of it, and it’s something we’re pleased to do for the Kingston residents.”

Kingston helping drought-impacted residents get clean water []

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