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People Paid $75 To Receive Sad, Cold, Tiny Slices At ‘Fyre Festival Of Pizza’

When you pay in advance for tickets to a food festival, you expect an event that serves large quantities of said food, right? Yet people who bought tickets to pizza and burger festivals held in Brooklyn on Saturday found tiny and cold slices of pizza, warm drinks, and a long wait before they could even get to that subpar food. [More]


Town Really Wants Kevin Bacon To Attend Bacon Festival, Because Of Course It Does

If you’re a celebrity whose last name happens to be the word for a delicious, crispy pork product, it goes without saying that people are going to want you to attend any celebrations dedicated to that food. Just ask Kevin Bacon. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Fake Food Festivals Want To Gobble Up Your Credit Card Info, Sell Fake Tickets

Food festivals: they’re lots of fun, great for tourism, and celebrate local cuisine and restaurants. Unfortunately, a new scam is ruining the good name of food festivals by taking consumers’ money in exchange for tickets to a food festival that doesn’t actually exist. The non-event is touring around the country: don’t get your hopes up about an unlimited crab dinner and lose your money. [More]