How Well Do You Remember The Last Few Days? Take The Consumerist Quiz

Image courtesy of Sean Tubridy

Think you’re a smart one, eh? Well, you obviously have impeccable taste in websites, but how well did you absorb all the news of the last few days? It’s time to test that memory of yours one more time with the Consumerist Quiz!

As always, in the storied three-week history of the Quiz, all questions relate to stories published on Consumerist this week (June 13 – June 17).

Be warned that unless you’ve been paying close attention, scoring a 100% will not be easy. Last week’s quiz had a median score of around 60%, and improvement over the previous week but still a D- (no grading on a curve here, bub).

But it’s not like readers are badged with a scarlet “F” if they don’t ace the test (we can’t afford all that red felt), so just take it for turds and giggles. If you do well, then brag about it to all your friends. Heck, if you completely blow, feel free to lie about your score; we won’t tell…

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