Guy Accused Of Stealing $1K Worth Of $2K Mannequin From Adult Novelty Shop

While we’ve seen our fair share of break-ins and burglaries, this one might take the cake for specificity: a pricey mannequin was rendered legless in Ohio recently, after a guy allegedly broke into an adult novelty shop and boosted the top half of the $2,000 figure.

It’s not confirmed that the stolen torso is worth exactly half of the overall price, but it went missing all the same, reports The Smoking Gun, along with a $46.99 blonde wig for the suspect’s new friend, and an assortment of sex toys and lubricant. The total value of the stolen goods came to about $,2650, the owner of the shop said.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect leaving with several items, before trying to come back through the front door, which had locked behind him. According to investigators, he made his way back inside “through the roof and ceiling over the cash register.” He then stripped a mannequin named “Eva,” grabbed her top half, slapped the wig on her head, and walked out the door.

Police were able to identify the suspect using the video, and arrested him on a charge of breaking and entering. Eva was unavailable for comment.

Cops: Man Broke Into Adult Novelty Shop, Made Off With Sex Toys, Top Half Of $2000 Mannequin [The Smoking Gun]

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