Forget Solar Panels, Elon Musk Wants To Sell You A Solar Roof

Image courtesy of Adam Fagen

Sure, a patchwork of solar panels may be sprouting up on everyone’s homes, but why dot your roof with the installations when you can just put up an entire “solar roof?” That could soon be a possibility, at least if Tesla and SolarCity have their way. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the plan during an earnings call Tuesday night, CNN reports (warning: link has video that autoplays), noting that the idea is to open an entirely new market for solar energy.

“It’s a solar roof as opposed to a module on a roof,” Musk said. ”It’s not a thing on the roof, it is the roof.”

The roof would be sold as one piece and include power capabilities built in that aren’t available in traditional solar panels.

Musk says the roofs wouldn’t be relegated to newly built homes, but to anyone who is looking to replace their roof.

“If your roof is nearing end-of-life, well, you’ve got to get a new roof anyway,” Musk explained. “And so, why not have a solar roof that’s better in many others ways as well?”

SolarCity’s new roofs would be integrated with Tesla’s home battery storage line, Musk said.

News of the planned solar roof comes weeks after Tesla announced it was in talks to acquire sister company SolarCity for $2.6 million.

Elon Musk wants to sell you an entire ‘solar roof’ [CNN]

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