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Tesla, SolarCity Showed Off Their Work By Powering An Entire Island

You may have heard that Tesla recently completed its $2.6 billion merger with SolarCity — a company already chaired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. But before the two companies could sign on the dotted line, they had to prove their partnership was worthwhile, and they apparently accomplished that by joining forces to power an entire island with solar energy.  [More]

Adam Fagen

Forget Solar Panels, Elon Musk Wants To Sell You A Solar Roof

Sure, a patchwork of solar panels may be sprouting up on everyone’s homes, but why dot your roof with the installations when you can just put up an entire “solar roof?” That could soon be a possibility, at least if Tesla and SolarCity have their way.  [More]

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Tesla Buys SolarCity For $2.6B

After working together for years to build and test solar-based batteries for homes and businesses, Tesla has agreed to buy SolarCity — which is already chaired by CEO Elon Musk — for $2.6 billion. [More]

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Whole Foods Installing Rooftop Solar Panels At Up To 100 Stores

Whole Foods has seen the light, and it’s getting soaked up by solar panels. The grocery chain says it’s installing solar units at up to 100 stores and distribution centers in nine states. [More]

Tesla’s Worst Kept Secret Is Out: It’s Making Solar-Based Batteries For Homes, Businesses

Tesla’s Worst Kept Secret Is Out: It’s Making Solar-Based Batteries For Homes, Businesses

For months Tesla CEO Elon Musk has subtly (and not so subtly) hinted that the company’s next big foray wouldn’t be another car, but a battery system aimed at homeowners, businesses and utilities. On Thursday night, he finally made the announcement most of us saw coming. [More]

Adam Fagen

Why Solar Panels Are Suddenly Sprouting On Everyone’s Roofs

Have you noticed a lot more solar panels on homes recently? While an increase in solar panel installations can partly be explained by pointing out that people are more aware of energy conservation issues and want to save money, there’s a much simpler reason why there are more panels on roofs all of a sudden: they’re now super cheap, and aspiring solar panel owners don’t have to pay for the panels or their installation up front anymore. [More]