Petsmart Thinks Soothing In-Store Music Will ‘Dazzle’ Your Pet, Mellow It Out

Image courtesy of Jaap Joris

Do pets care about music? My dog was indifferent toward it even back when she could hear, but big-box pet store Petsmart is putting in a new music system meant to soothe pets (in the boarding area) and energize their owners (in the shopping area). Will it work? Maybe as long as people think it does, and people control the wallets, that’s good enough.

PetSmart actually put out a press release about the new system, which is set up to have separate shopping music and music for the chain’s PetsHotel boarding facilities. Or, as the company calls it, “customized music designed to appeal to pet parent shoppers and also their four-legged furry friends.”

In the store, to encourage “pet parents” to shop, the music will feature an “upbeat playlist to create a fun, in-store retail experience” for shoppers, employees, and or pets. Over in the boarding area, the playlist will be curated for canine and feline chillaxing, or “modern mellow tunes to create a calm atmosphere to help pets relax and enjoy their stay.”

Mood Music, the company behind the system, also creates scent systems for businesses: perhaps pets would prefer that Petsmart invest in soothing smellscapes.

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