Petsmart Opens New Spa-Themed Prototype Store

Image courtesy of shoehorn99

If you were to ask my dog what she wants out of her experience at the groomer, “no bath” and “no haircut” would probably be at the top of her list. She would be less interested in a more spa-like entrance with a concierge desk and free coffee beverages for humans. In a prototype store on New York’s Long Island, the big-box pet store is experimenting with a new store that focuses on pet services in a more fancy manner.

What customers will see when they walk in will be a concierge-style counter with bakery-style trays of fresh dog treats. The new store will be less than half the size of a normal Petsmart, and feature a small retail area with the more upscale, “natural” pet foods that the chain sells.

The store has self-serve dog wash stations, a useful feature close to the beach on Long Island, where the store is located. It also has a grooming salon and a Banfield animal hospital, common features for standard Petsmart stores.

“Like any spa, our Pet Spa store is intended to provide the amenities and comforts to enhance one’s lifestyle, but this time with your pet,” the company’s chief experience officer said in a statement.

The spa-like experience will probably be more relaxing for owners than for pets, but they are the ones holding the wallets. Petsmart’s plan is to offer an “enhanced pet lifestyle customer experience” and bring ideas that work well at this store to the rest of the chain.

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