PetSmart Creates Adorable Holiday To Promote In-Store Pickup

Retailers love the idea of customers picking their online orders up in a local store, but shoppers are starting to find it inconvenient. One store has an idea to promote the practice: PetSmart is offering a special discount on online orders that are picked up in a store tomorrow, a day when it’s too late to ship gifts purchased online. The name, “National Fetch it Day,” is unlikely to catch on with other retailers, though.

In a statement, Eran Cohen, the company’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, emphasizes the important reason why the chain is pushing in-store pickup: pet food and litter can be heavy to ship, and there’s probably already a PetSmart store near you.

Cohen says that in-store pickup is a delivery option that “…truly offers the best of both worlds for our pet parents – the convenience of shopping online from home or while on-the-go via a mobile device and then simply swinging by any one of our conveniently located 1,440-plus stores.”

The important sale details are that you need to place an order online tomorrow, December 23, and pick it up in the store the same day or on Thursday the 24th. (They’re closed on Christmas, so plan your emergency bully stick and catnip toy runs accordingly.) Those orders will get 10% off, with some exclusions.

Those exclusions include gift cards and donations to charities (makes sense) and specific other items that aren’t spelled out in the disclaimer.

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