Give Your Grey Matter A Weekend Workout With The Consumerist Quiz

Image courtesy of Xavier J. Peg

We went easy on you last week — the holiday-shortened week and residual high spirits resulted in fewer questions and easily eliminated wrong answers — and it showed, with the median score on the Consumerist Quiz soaring to 75% (up from the typical weekly result of around 60%). Think you can continue with your high-scoring ways, or are you due for a post all-star break slump?

As always, the Consumerist Quiz deals with stories posted this week (July 11-July 15) here on, your go-to source for all the latest in fashion news and celebrity gossip.

We offer no material rewards for doing well on the quiz, but at the same time, we also don’t come to your house and smash your stuff if you perform poorly — so keep that in mind.

On with the quizzing!

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