Think Back On The Short Week That Was With This Abbreviated Consumerist Quiz!

Image courtesy of Jason Cook

We know that a lot of you only worked a few days this week, so we’re giving you a break with this installment of the Consumerist Quiz — now with 47% less quizziness!

Just because we cut — for this week only — the number of questions from 15 to 8, don’t expect this test of your grey/gray matter to be any less taxing (on your memory; we don’t levy any taxes on our quizzes).

Last week’s quiz had a median score of only 67%, which we’ll chalk up to having Fourth of July on the brain (NOTE: This is not intended to be a diagnosis; please consult your physician to determine if you do indeed have Fourth of July on the brain).

You can do better than that… or can you? (Yeah, you probably can).

The time for idle chit-chat has ended. Now is the time on Sprockets when we quiz!

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