Sports Authority Is Selling Its Headquarters’ iMacs And Foosball Table On Craigslist

If you live near Denver and are looking for a computer monitor, an ice machine, or a 24-foot conference table, the closing of Sports Authority presents you with a unique opportunity. The retailer isn’t just selling off all of its merchandise, store leases, and even its brand name and mailing lists. After closing its headquarters, the company is also selling furniture and computers. On Craigslist.

Companies selling office equipment and rock-bottom prices when they shut down is nothing unusual, and access to cheap used iMacs probably isn’t much consolation for the Denver area as it loses a major corporate employer.

Hundreds of employees at Sports Authority have lost their jobs, along with the retail jobs across the country that the company has slowly shed as stores liquidate and close. This other kind of going-out-of-business sale, full of office equipment instead of store fixtures, is heartbreaking for former employees, who get to see their barren former cubicles posted online.


If you want signed sports memorabilia and a foosball table along with your dozen computer monitors, though, this is probably the office equipment sale of the year.

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