Burn Through Those Last Few Minutes Before The Holiday Weekend With The Consumerist Quiz

Image courtesy of James LeVeque

Look, we know you probably don’t want to be here. Everyone else in the office is already gone, but you’re stuck holding down the fort, pretending to be reading emails when you’re really just seeing how many pages of “Brexit” Google results you need to go through before finding some really good Brexit-themed erotic fiction. Okay, maybe that’s just us. Don’t judge.

How about we spend what remains of the work week by purging our brains of all the things we learned since reluctantly waking up Monday morning?

Take the Consumerist quiz. Yes, it can be punishingly hard if you’re not keeping notes or cheating (either is fine with us, but check with your ethicist before consulting a search engine for answers), but that’s the point: Reminding ourselves how much we don’t know so that we have a reason to get back to it next week (after [legally] blowing things up, according to our respective state laws) with renewed vigor.

We’ve talked too much. Just take the quiz already, then slip out a side door and go home (or to a destination of your choosing).

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