Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Actually Mark Something Down, Take It Too Far

Regular readers are probably familiar with the Raiders of the Lost Walmart, where we feature obsolete yet comically overpriced items available on store shelves. Our readers scour the nation’s clearance sections to find these items, which turn out to mostly be at Walmart because of the retailer’s size, vast inventory, and meager budget for discounts.

Mattel probably has another presidential candidate Barbie planned for this year, but Cheryl found the model from the last time around for sale at her local Walmart. She’s in kind of rough shape for a collectible, but at least she has her inexplicable anthropomorphic Secret Service chihuahua.




This is a Secret Service dog.

This is a Secret Service Chihuahua, possibly.

Usually, the problem with old video games and expansion packs at Walmart is that they’re not marked down enough. At $.02, does this price mean that people don’t like AC/DC the band, or that no one has Rock Band for PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360 anymore? Will Walmart actually have to pay customers to remove these from the store?



Meanwhile, Adam found this CD in the $5 bin at a Walmart store that had recently moved. That’s notable because the store actually packed this up and brought it with them from their old store to the new one down the street, assuming that someone would buy it. Who? A charity-minded person who likes choral music?

Update: This person. Apparently, this CD was a brief Tumblr meme a few years ago..


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