QVC Looking Into Why It Showed A Laptop With Racist Content On TV

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room, watching some home-shopping show on QVC. The host is showing off some of the features on a laptop computer and — wait, did that just say “N****r”??

A Consumerist reader — we’ll call her Jane — says her sister spotted this, and other not-family-friendly language while watching a recent laptop demo on QVC.

“They were selling a cheap laptop, which I thought she wanted me to see,” Jane said. “I just said ‘no’ to her, I wouldn’t get it, then she said look at the text on the screen. So I did.”

And she wasn’t pleased.

The screen of the laptop, which was being sold for $289, appears to showcase a social media site of some kind that displays usernames and actions, perhaps a search.

qvc (1)

Along with the aforementioned N-word, the screen displayed adult-oriented terms like “Porn” and “Sex.”

“This just floored me, I had a jaw drop moment,” Jane says. “I took the picture while my sister paused the screen.”

Jane hoped that the company would notice the issue and take down the offending content during a commercial break. But that didn’t happen.

“What they did was they kept the content up, went on selling their laptop,” she said.

The women emailed QVC with the photo, but according to Jane they only received an automatic response. She also posted it on social media, but it, so far, hasn’t garnered a reply.

After Consumerist reached out to QVC, the company issued an apology and claims to be looking into the matter.

“QVC is investigating an incident in which inappropriate social media comments generated from an outside source were momentarily and accidentally shown on our live programming,” Doug Rose, SVP, Brand and Communications, QVC, said in a statement to Consumerist. “We apologize to any viewers that were offended by this unauthorized content. The language shown was in direct contradiction to our values at QVC, and has no place in our broadcast nor anywhere else in our community. We are evaluating our screening procedures for live streaming social media content to prevent an incident like this from happening again.”

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