This Tesla Model X Consumes Electricity, Emits Kittens

Image courtesy of YouTube

Tesla’s fancy electric vehicles have been criticized by some car lovers for not having the beloved “purr” of an internal combustion engine. But there is one Tesla that was hiding a “meow” in the bumper.

Here are the facts, as far as we know. A Model X owner posted three videos on YouTube. The first featured tiny, sad meows coming from his bumper. He didn’t have a kitten, and had not upgraded his car to the “tiny mews” package. Unsure how to get the critter out, he contacted Tesla.

In the second video, we see the vehicle up on a lift and a technician extracting an incredibly cute orange and white kitten.

Finally, the mysterious “S U” posted a third video to conclude the saga, explaining that he figured out that the kitten’s mother was a feral cat in his neighborhood, and it had climbed up through the wheel well, then was unable to get back out.

This kitten had a nice drink of water after it was freed, and was adopted by a Tesla technician, making it a happy ending all round. Its name is now Tessie.

This is not the first time this has happened: Other car types need kitten extractions occasionally, and it’s even happened with a different model of Tesla. That cat, too, was named Tessie.

Maybe the tale is a little too perfect, with at least one reader over at Gizmodo speculating that the story was cooked up by a guerilla marketing firm for maximum online shareability and tweeting by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. That’s possible. It could be a marketing campaign, where cars all over the world manifest kittens to attract the internet’s attention. You be the judge: We’ll be over here, cooing over the tiny kitten and its tiny mews.

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