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Tesla Motors

More Tesla Service Centers To Open As Model 3 Launch Nears

Tesla announced Tuesday that it will significantly expand the number of service centers and technicians as it prepares for the rollout of the Model 3 sedan, its most affordable electric car yet. [More]

Jon Fingas

Sony Adding (Some) PS4 Games To PlayStation Now Streaming Library

A few weeks after Microsoft announced it would offer a new monthly subscription that includes access to downloadable Xbox games, rival Sony says it’s expanding its PlayStation Now library to include some PlayStation 4 titles. [More]


New Cluster Of Zika Cases Linked To Local Mosquitoes Reported In Miami Beach

The tally of Zika cases linked to bites from local mosquitoes down in Florida has just grown, after health officials said they’ve identified new cases in Miami Beach. [More]


CDC Advising Pregnant Women Not To Travel To Miami Neighborhood Amid New Zika Cases

After health officials identified 10 more cases of Zika in Florida that may have been transmitted by local mosquitoes, federal health officials are advising women who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant to avoid an area near downtown Miami where the virus is spreading. [More]

Toyota Recalls 600,000 Sienna Minivans

Toyota Recalls 600,000 Sienna Minivans

Because 8 million recalled vehicles worldwide was apparently not enough for Toyota, the car giant has gone and recalled 600,000 of their Sienna minivans because of possible rust damage to the cable holding the spare tire. [More]