SodaStream Extending Promo Offer That Gives Keurig Kold Customers Free Sparkling Water Machines

If you own a soon-to-be obsolete Keurig Kold machine and haven’t snapped a photo of yourself with it to get a free sparkling water machine from SodaStream, there’s still time: SodaStream has extended its promo a few more weeks.

SodaStream’s “Snap a Selfie” promotional offer was supposed to end today, June 17, but will now go on through June 30.

“The response has been so positive, we want to make sure every disappointed Kold user gets a chance to upgrade to SodaStream,” said Emma Froelich-Shea, VP of marketing for SodaStream USA. “We heard from folks who weren’t able to send in their selfies yet. Well, at SodaStream, we never leave people out in the Kold.”

Of course this is just one more opportunity for SodaStream to rub salt in Keurig’s fizzing wound, noting that Keurig’s failed effort focused on soda instead of sparkling water.

“That’s something Kold never offered and SodaStream has long understood,” SodaStream’s Froelich-Shea says. “Drinking more water is the healthy upgrade we’re all trying to make.”

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